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Guyuan Xinyue Poultry feeding Limited Company was established in May2001 which isl located in Guyuan of Ningxia Hui Automous Region We mainly offer the service related to chicken processing such as feeding slaughtering as well as segmentation Besides is also provides baby chick forage veterinary drugs and equipment for feedind as well Amin chichen production is monitored and regulated by the Consultations Limited as the whole working practices and production methods comply with halal slaughter requirement More importantly the Muslim executives of Xinyue can provide the best safeguard for the products Currently Xinyue Company covers an area of37 085 square meters of which the construction...

Categories and Products

Steaming Rice Series

Fresh And Sour Vegetable Beef Rice The Rice For The Spicy Chicken Pork And Pickled Vegetables Featured Steaming Bowl Of Lamb Kung Pao Chicken Dinner Amin Foods Braised Beef Rice Halal Food Braised Beef The Halal Kung pao Chicken Dinner Beef rice with sauerkraut Pickled cabbage with beef Amin Food Spicy Chicken Gizzard Amin Steamed Bowl Of Mutton Special Pickled Cabbage Beef Rice Steamed Mutton and Rice A Beef Rice of Amin Characteristic Spicy Bean Curd Rice Yuxiang Shredded Meat dinner Instant Kung Pao Chicken Dinner Amin's Roast Beef Rice XinYue Kung Pao Chicken Over Rice 

Meat Snacks Series

Special Cooking Chicken Feet

The Characteristic Is Spicy Chicken Feet Speci Cooking Chicken Feet 

Braised Chicken Feet

The Secret Of The Armys 

Sauce Fragrant Chicken Feet

Characteristic Five Fragrant Chicken feet 

Spicy Chicken Feet

A Special Chicken Claw Halal Food Spicy Chicken Feet Characteristic Spicy Chicken Feet Featured Spiced Chicken Feet 

Braised Egg

Amin's Five Fragrant Eggs Featured Five Fragrant Eggs 

Split Chicken Series

Halal Food Chicken Drumsticks A Special Local Chicken For Amin Armin Food Chicken Gizzard The Chicken Wings Of Amin Amin Halal Food Spicy Chicken Halal Food Chicken Leg Ah Min Qingzhen Special Chicken Claw A Sensitive Food Chicken Rack Amin Halal Chicken Thigh Amin Halal Chicken Breast Amin Halal Food Chicken Thigh Amin Halal Chicken Whole Leg 

Fresh Chicken Series

Sanhuang Chicken

Amin Halal Food Sanhuang Chicken 

Black Boned Chicken

Halal Produce Wuji 

Free Range Chicken

Ah Min Qingzhen Chicken 

Table Poultry

Amin Halal Meat Chicken 

Bulk Chicken Cargo

Peppery Chicken

Spicy Chicken With Amin 

Spiced Chicken Feet

Special Spiced Chicken Feet 

Secret Chicken Feet

Instant Secret Chicken Feet Characteristic Secret Chicken Feet Armin Halal's Secret Chicken Claws Armin Food Secret Chicken Feet 

Chicken And Lamb

Solid Red Chicken

Armin Food Solid Red Chicken Distinctive Red Earth Chicken 

Secret Chicken

Amin Is A Secret Chicken The Gift Box Is A Secret Chicken Amin Halal Food Conclave Chicken The Gift Box Stirs The Lamb 

Stir Fried Lamb

A-min Halal Food Lamb Gift Box Amin Food Stir-Fried Lamb 

Box Of Red Turkey

Amin Qingzhen Red Clay Chicken 

Sauce Class

Beef Paste

Amin Halal Food Instant Beef A Special Sauce For Amin Amin Halal Specialty Food Sauce Beef Amin Halal Beef (Small) 

Chilli Sauce

Amin Halal Chili Sauce A Special Gift Box For Amin Maotai Flavor Chicken Gizzard Amin Halal Food Chili Sauce Halal Food Small Gift Box Amin Halal Food Sauce Beef 

Instant Noodles

Noodles With Instant Mutton

Noodles With Instant Mutton Mutton Noodles With Noodles 

Instant Beef Saoki Rice

Minced Beef Noodles Alin Halal Beef Noodles 

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